Driveway Care and Maintenance: What Factors Make People Switch To Asphalt

Driveways and outdoor surfaces are the most underrated spaces. These are often exposed to more detrimental elements and more traffic but the areas aren’t given the type of attention needed. Most homeowners always go on and on about resolving little matters before they become something uncontrollable and bigger in the future. However, they fail to notice that what’s happening in their driveway is the perfect example of such a situation. Before worse comes to worst, it’s better to take care of the problem at hand. Most experts will tell you to upgrade the driveway material to something more durable like asphalt. This is the material often used in covering the outer surface of main roads to guarantee safety and for the highway to endure constant heavy traffic.

Apart from changing up your material and constantly considering maintenance, it’s also necessary to learn about the factors that’ll trigger the damage of your outer surfaces. There are actually several. If you can already notice these risk factors within your own yard, it’s important to make the driveway upgrade immediately.

Poor site construction. If there’s a problem in the site itself, then it needs to be remedied immediately. Poor soil compaction before the concrete was installed is a very common thing. If these conditions are not surveyed, there’s a chance that cracks will easily appear. After several months of construction, such problems will already show. Apart from making sure that the foundation is solid, there’s a need to use the best material for a sturdier driveway.

Soil erosion. This can happen naturally or because of specific factors. Rainwater has the ability to naturally wash soil away. Your solid foundation won’t last. To make sure this is avoided, covering a fresh layer of asphalt on the sunken part is needed. This is considered the most effective method.

Ground shifting and other natural occurrences. Whether it’s from earthquakes or the natural shift in plates underneath, the movements usually happen. The annual shift has a huge impact not just on your driveway but the entire land mass in general. This is why most homeowners are encouraged to be aware when such shifts happen so they’ll be prepared and they can easily evaluate their place after. Another natural occurrence that can cause damage and changes is the growth of tree roots.

Moisture. This has the natural ability to strip away the first few layers of protection your paved concrete has. When that happens, it’s very easy for water to seep into the invisible pores and openings. Even the hardest material is not immune to it. In this case, hot mix asphalt is the best compound to use. Its flexibility allows it to withstand the changes in seasons compared to a normal material.

Bitumen driveways are considered an increasing trend for establishment managers and homeowners seeking to further improve the functionality and durability of their driveways. Oftentimes, it’s one of the most forgotten parts of the entire structure. Because it’s found outside and most won’t take a closer look at what’s happening to it, they can’t also see the cracks and the little things that will become the huge factor for issues in the future. For those who’re considering this as their main driveway material, 2 coat spray sealing is necessary. This guarantees better results and more sustainability. This also helps in preventing the most common risk factors from creating cracks, thus promoting longevity for your material.