Human beings have an innate instinct to travel from one place to another for various reasons. Over the course of centuries as human beings have evolved, our mode of transportation has undergone tremendous changes (in the form of improvements) time and again. Today, in the 21st century we have got quite a few sophisticated modes of transport owing to greater construction capabilities & resources and among these, roadways continues to remain a highly preferred choice for one and all, all over the world. What goes into making these roads is something few people know but in all cases, it is expected that the final layer of road has to be a smooth and flat one, be it asphalt driveways or a bitumen driveway.

Well, in the past few years the overall quality of construction has gone up by several times so it is justified that today’s traveller expects very high quality of road surfaces to travel on. However, it wasn’t the case forever. With swift and through process of asphalt laying coming into the picture, the overall quality of roads has improved drastically. Moreover, you see quite a lot of people today who drive considerably high speeds. This isn’t just a result of better cars, if you have noticed that you cannot drive with such high speeds on an uneven terrain. A lot of the credit also goes to the smooth surfaces that one travels on. With good quality road base supplies being used, one can readily expect that the overall quality of the final outcome (roads in the case) will be brilliant too. Well, that exactly has been the case. The cost of production too has come down owing to economies of scale. Today, more number of road construction projects are commencing than ever before. You can see quite a lot of new roads being laid from the material coming from hot bitumen seals.

Cement roads are another option for the construction companies but truth be told, the cement roads lack longevity and smoothness. The quality of road that is the result of asphalt laying is far superior to cement roads, especially on highways. Bitumen (or asphalt) is just the perfect material for these smooth and even roads. It forms a key component of the road base supplies. This bitumen is stored in hot bitumen seals and offloaded via trucks or machinery onto the road surface. Then a roller is used that pretty much evens out the road surface by multiple levels of grinding, rolling and calendaring. A few hours later, you have your road ready. You can call it asphalt driveways or any convenient way you wish but now you know what actually goes into these roads being laid out.

Good roads not just improve your overall driving experience but also consume less fuel, cause minimum wear & tear to your vehicle and help you reach your destination with minimum risk. In the years to come it remains to be seen how the current roads are improved upon. For now, let’s enjoy a pleasant driving experience the next time you are on a bitumen driveway.

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