Moment by moment – minute by minute, everything wears out. That is just a part of life; the old adage of wear & tear.


Just like a pair of shoes begin to lose their purpose, so does a driveway. Here at Echo Asphalts, we specialise in asphalt and bitumen driveways. Until the day comes where a type of driveway can be invented which never needs repairing, this is just wishful thinking.


In today’s age, we take many things for granted. What could happen with a damaged driveway?

  • Your car could have popped tyres due to pot holes
  • Tripping over cracks
  • Slippery driveway for both your car and yourself


This blog post will show you 7 early warning signs of a required driveway repair.


Warning Sign 1: Cracks are never good


Yes, it may seem obvious. But seeing big cracks in the pavement is one of the most commonly ignored early warning signs. Don’t ignore this; it could cost you.


Warning Sign 2: Home jobs


Believe it or not, people do try and repair their own driveways. If you’re not experienced in repairing driveways professionally, you could make the issue worse than before.


Warning Sign 3: Monitoring the cracks


We get it – you don’t want to call a specialist over for every little crack in your driveway. However, you should monitor the cracks over time and see if they are getting bigger, denser, or deeper.


Warning Sign 4: “Hey, this driveway never used to be slippery”


Over time, driveways lose their magic. This is why we recommend a 2-coat bitumen seal which waterproofs the driveway, so you can wave goodbye to those days where it’s a struggle to walk on the driveway.


Warning Sign 5: Unintentional drifting


We can see in movies where cars race against each other and go over a bend to drift. If your car unintentionally drifts on your driveway, this is not safe; you should consider giving us a call.


Warning Sign 6: Discolouration


Do you remember how your driveway looked when it was brand new? Discolouration is one of the biggest signs your driveway needs an assessment.


Warning Sign 7: “Why is there grass?”


Grass is one of the best features for a front & backyard. If you are now in the habit of mowing the grass that’s growing through the cracks of your driveway (yes, this actually happens), you should take it 1 step further and give us a call.


Here at Echo Asphalts, we care about your driveways. We look beyond the everyday “taking it for granted” and we have perfected the nurturing aspect of a driveway. We can even give you recommendations on how to maintain your driveway after repairing. If your driveway is meeting any of the early warning signs listed in this blog post, don’t hesitate in giving us a call today on 1300 551 792 or emailing at